The Urban Concept Series



By Kevil Tice ~

“Music is for anybody.  Music can change your thought process, spark ideas, change your life.” ~ Uri

Uri Horton has always been “That Guy.”

That push the envelope guy.  That quick to think but slow to speak guy.  That think outside the box guy.  That loves himself some Tuscaloosa … or as he says “Druid City” … Yes, That Guy.

Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised when he informed me of his newest venture in music.  Uri has recently been afforded the opportunity to bring music to the streets of Tuscaloosa.  Like, LITERALLY, to the streets!!  LIVE music at that!  Through his project, “The Urban Concept Series,” Uri will deliver entertainment to areas of the city that don’t typically get exposed to the varieties of creative expression that Tuscaloosa has to offer.  His primary focus with this?  The youth.

“I’m excited.  I can’t wait to see how this one plays out.  I think it will be good for the city…good for the kids…you know…show them that we care.  There are a lot of people out here who care already…I see them out in the community doing a lot.  I want to do this to give them the opportunity to hear and experience music differently…different from only hearing it in church…I want them to hear their favorite rap song played another way.” ~ Uri

13913543_1169362673136775_8200492228092491810_oThe first phase of The Urban Concept Series will be a live concert featuring URI BAND.  The concert is FREE and open to the public.  It will take place outside of The Northport Housing Authority (West Circle) on Thursday, August 11th @ 6pm.

12489332_1010627102343667_711664307139577198_o**pictured above ~ members of URI BAND

So what’s next?

Uri plans to incorporate dance, poetry, and visual arts into his project in order to provide a wide range of creative experiences to the youth of Tuscaloosa.  The Urban Concept Series is definitely designed to reach the youth at every level of expression and tap into the desires of those who haven’t realized exactly what their interests are yet.

This is HUGE!  This is AWESOME!  Uri Horton, you are still “That Guy.”

“If you can play an instrument, you speak two languages, at least.” ~ Uri

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