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By Kevil Tice ~

I can’t express how refreshing it is when we run across individuals who are making a HUGE and POSITIVE impact within our community.  And, when that impact is centered around the betterment of our children, it proves that there are still people who genuinely care about the future of our community…our children…our world.  Rodney Pelt Sr. is one of those individuals.


Rodney is the Founder and CEO of Mind Changers Inc., a not for profit organization in Tuscaloosa, AL. Rodney is a decorated combat veteran, serving 16 years in the US ARMY with one combat tour in IRAQ. After retiring and returning home, Rodney saw a need to give back to the community where he grew up. He partnered with organizations and started mentoring at Westlawn Middle School. This resulted in the birth of Mind Changers in 2013. Rodney also serves as President of The West Alabama chapter of The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. He is actively involved in other community organizations such as, Stillman Masonic Lodge #490, Al Muqit Shrine Temple #221, Rose of Sharon Consistory #208, Tri-Team, Inc. and many others. Rodney is married to Marshae Madison-Pelt, Principal of Midfield Elementary, Midfield, Al., of Camden, AL.  They are the proud parents of 5 sons.    

Mind Changers Incorporated provides educational programs to young men and women throughout the Tuscaloosa community. More specifically, the organization motivates young people to use their thoughts for self-empowerment, to enable them to learn that their thoughts can be used to improve their lives in powerful and remarkable ways. By doing so, MCI helps youths understand that they have the personal strength to make positive changes in their lives, and improve the quality of life for themselves and those in their community.

 By providing educational programs to young men and women throughout the Tuscaloosa community, MCI provides training or instruction to benefit the community and gives youths the motivation necessary to use their minds in a positive manner and create a better quality of life for their future.

 One of the biggest challenges for young men and women is realizing the power that they have over their own destinies…that they have the ability to empower themselves and take control over their lives. With the proper guidance, youths can find the motivation to use their minds to create a better quality of life, not just for themselves, but for their families as well. Mind Changers Incorporated is purposed in providing young men and women with the support they need to face leadership challenges and to develop into productive and responsible members of their community.

The organization works with twelve different schools within the Tuscaloosa City Schools Sstem. In addition, the organization will have an arrangement with the Tuscaloosa Benjamin Barnes YMCA and PARA’s McDonald Hughes Center to host educational activities.

The educational programs offered cover a wide range of traditional topics, including, but not necessarily limited to, Math, English, and History. In addition, the mentors teach students about the power of their thoughts, positive decision-making techniques, thinking before they act, thinking outside the box, and what to expect after high school. The organization also teaches the Take 5 Initiative, a program to help youths learn anger management techniques, respect for others, and how to address health issues.

The newest venture for Mind Changers, Inc. is Mind Changers TV.  The FIRST episode airs July 3, 2016.  Tune in and support Rodney Pelt Sr. as he strives to help build a brighter future for Tuscaloosa by reaching our children.

Salute to you, Rodney!  The community of Tuscaloosa appreciates your efforts!

For more information about Mind Changers, Inc. or Mind Changers TV…

Web: www.mindchangers1.org

Email: mindchangers1@gmail.com

Cell #: 205-242-1957        

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