In Memoriam

By Kevil Tice ~

As we enter into a New Year, we want to express our gratitude to the individuals who have inspired us to continue to spread our gifts across boundaries and throughout the entire world. Some of those people will inspire us on into the future, while others will continue to be an inspiration through the works they left behind. As usual, we want to pay tribute to a few of those individuals who will not enter into the New Year physically. They will, however, always be with us. Thank you for your inspiration.

Tommy Ford ~ Florence Henderson

Debbie Reynolds ~ Ron Thornton

Zsa Zsa Gabor ~ Ron Glass

Andrew Dorff ~ Sharon Jones

Maurice White ~ George Michael

Gwen Ifill ~ Carrie Fisher

Abe Vigoda ~ Big Syke

Alan Thicke ~ The Lady Chablis

Gene Wilder ~ Attrell Cordes

Doris Roberts ~ Prince

Harper Lee ~ Chyna

Denise Matthews

Phife Dawg ~ David Bowie

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