Cassel Hill

mary4Mary Thomas was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, AL. She attended the University of Alabama where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc.

What was the inspiration for your book?

When I was younger and around the age of 11-13, I started out writing poems. Writing back then was like therapy for me. I enjoyed how it made me feel. I had hopes of getting my poems published one day. I still have them. My goal was to be an author back then. I thought it took a lot of money to become an author.  I had no idea on how to make my goal a reality or even how to accomplish it. I knew nothing about being a self-publisher. I stopped writing poems for a while and then I started writing them again every now and then. Last year, my brother Anthony Thomas, who also is a local author, published his first book that is titled Blue Justice. He told me that he would help me get started and he did just that. My brother inspired me to start writing again. Cassel Hill from the title to the story line is all me. People ask me if their is a bit of reality in it and it is. It is fiction mixed with reality.mary1

What would like for the reader to learn from your book?

African American women get shamed a lot and stereotyped. Sometimes they are viewed as being weak, fragile, angry, and bitter. Well I took 3 African American women and I made them the total opposite of how they would be viewed in reality. No one has to be the stereotype that they have been given. You don’t have to wear any labels other than the name you were given at birth. I want readers to see loyalty in these characters. That is a rare thing that we do not see in women these days. I want them to see women, three best friends, lifting each other up and being unselfish. The 3 women in my book are all dealing with their own issues but they have a bond and a sisterhood together. They are there for each other genuinely. The male characters in my book fits your everyday stereotype of a man but there will be a few surprises in the book. Readers will learn that you cannot change a man. He has to want to change on his own when he is ready. Sometimes it takes a lesson to make them want to change.mary3

How long did it take from the initial idea to write the book to completing the book?

The idea of the book took about a month. It took me about 3 months to come up with the whole story line and to complete the book.

Are there plans for another book, and if so, when will it be released?

There are plans of another book being released next year in January or February before Valentines Day.

How can our readers purchase a copy of your book?

Readers can go to Amazon and purchase my book in the Kindle Version or book format. They can even purchase an autographed copy from me.


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